Snacking Smart Chips and Dips

Snacking, Mexican style, can be included on your training table.  With a little fine tuning, this usually salty and saturated fat filled snack is clean and packed with healthy fats, carbs, and protein. 

1-2 Joseph’s Flax, Oatbran, and Whole Wheat Pita Bread, sliced into 8 pieces (as above)

6 oz Plain, low- or nonfat Greek yogurt (protein-packed sub for the sour cream)

1/4-1/2 mashed avocado w/ 1 TBSP salsa mixed in

1) Bake pita slices @ 400 degrees for ~5-7 minutes turning halfway to get each side nice and crisp!  Watch closely, as these bad boys can burn real fast if left unattended!