Reviving Old Favorites

Oh, how I’ve missed you old friends.  And now that I’m older, eh hem, WISER, and have a more sophisticated palate, I’ve upgraded your recipe so you’re tastier and more nutritious than ever before!

I LOVE breakfast, but unfortunately don’t have the time to make pancakes or anything else that requires me to turn on my stove.  So, when the weekend rolls around, I’m more than happy to sip on a cup of coffee while flippin’ some protein pancakes.  AND, because I like to plan ahead, I make a double batch so I can enjoy them throughout the following week as a pre-training snack or for a repeat, super-fuel breakfast.

These pancakes are a meal in themselves, no need for eggs on the side.  Lean protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats put your old flap jacks to shame.  Click on the icon below for the recipe!  Enjoy!