Energy, clarity, vitality…                Build your best self,                             one satisfying bite at a time.

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We can’t deny the intimate connection between how we eat, nourish, and fuel our bodies and the resulting energy, clarity, and strength (or lack thereof) of our body-minds.  Whether you’re training for an athletic event, striving to lose or manage your weight, or simply wanting to improve how you show up in your world, appropriate fueling is the difference between optimal performance, and falling short of your greatest potential.   

Em E. Biever, MS, RD, LDN, founder of Integralfuel, works with you to co-create a practical, science-supported, client-specific approach to nutrition and fueling; all critical components  in your path to meeting your goals. 

Appreciating the demanding lifestyles of her clients, Em uses an integral approach to best serve and address her clients’ needs. 

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